The Appalachian Trail

stretches for roughly 2,175 miles or five million steps from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine. Passing through 14 states and more than 60 federal, state, and local parks/forests, the A.T. typically takes between five and seven months to complete.

We intend to hike the trail as thru-hikers, which means that we are attempting to hike the trail in its entirety in a single season. We'll see if we have what it takes. Roughly 2,000 people attempt to make it each year, and only approximately 25% succeed. The youngest thru-hiker to finish was 6, and the oldest was 81, so unless they were secretly superheroes in disguise, we like to think our chances are pretty good.

This website will serve to document our travels, as well as the stories, photographs, and lessons that we acquire along the way. It will allow you to see the trail through our eyes. So be sure to visit often, post lots of comments, and wish us luck!

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