About Us


I was raised in Bear Grass, a small town in eastern North Carolina with a total stoplight count of zero. In 2007 I graduated from UNC with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics. During school and post-graduation I have worked on an astronomy research team. In the future I plan to attend grad school where I will pursue a PhD in Astrophysics.

My interests and appreciations include: long walks in the mountains, pop tarts, attempting to grow a beard, being tall, Leinenkugelís Berry Weiss beer, watching Lost, throwing aerobie, generic Cocoa Pebbles cereal, cycling, cooking, tennis, and photography.


I grew up in Jacksonville, a military town on the coast of North Carolina. In 2007 I graduated from UNC with Bachelor of Art degrees in Anthropology and Psychology. I have spent the last few months working at REI, and in the future I intend to work with adults with autism.

My interests and appreciations include: brushing my teeth, non-fiction books, attempting to think radically and live mindfully, photography, tasty food, checking the mail (receiving it is even better!), sarcasm, Honey Brown beer, attempting to bike faster than 10mph, being directionally challenged, postsecret, and miniature donkeys.